May 20, 2021
It is official and the changes will apply to all properties across Spain as of the 1st of June 2021 (expected). The changes will apply to all customers, both on the free market and the regulated market. Among the biggest changes, the new regulations will introduce new time discrimination schedules and price structures for both the Potencia/ Contracted Power (kW) and the Energy Consumption (€/kWh) rates.

Currently there are two access rates, the 2.0 and 2.1, both will be replaced with the 2.0TD tariff.

Tariff New 2.0TD

Access rates 2.0 and 2.1 will be grouped together and called rate 2.0TD as of June 1, 2021 (estimated date). This regulation change was announced in the circular issued by the CNMC (24/01/2020), with the intention of being implemented in 2020, but due to the health crisis generated by COVID 19, it was delayed.

The new 2.0TD tariff will be applied to all low voltage supply points with a potencia/ contracted power of 15 kW and less (<15kW).

The 2.0TD access rates will replace the current: 2.0A, 2.0DHA, 2.0DHS & the 2.10A, 2.1DHA, 2.1DHS tariffs.

Keys to understanding the new 2.0TD electricity rate

  1. A single access toll: Previously, domestic customer supply points had up to 6 access tolls (2.0A, 2.0DHA, 2.0DHS & 2.1A, 2.1DHA 2.1DHS). Once the changes are implemented, they will all be categorised in the 2.0TD toll.

  2. Mandatory time discrimination: All customers with a power of up to 15 kW (<15kW) will have a mandatory rate with time discrimination with 3 time periods. One price, all day rates price rates will disappear.

  New time discrimination periods with the 2.0TD rate

The new 2.0TD implements time discrimination for all consumers. The 24 hour day will be divided into three time periods: Peak P1 (“Punta”), Off-Peak P2 (“Llano”) and Super Off-Peak P3 (“Valle”). The time schedule applies differently from Monday to Friday and for Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. The time discrimination schedule is not the same for the entire national territory, Ceuta and Melilla have their own particular schedule.

  When is electricity (€/kWh) cheaper with the 2.0TD rate?

The new 2.0TD tariff brings a new Super Off-Peak period of 8 hours a day, Monday to Friday providing the lowest prices. Unlike the previous tariffs with time discrimination, all-day Saturday and Sunday, along with national public holidays, will also be considered as Super Off-Peak periods. Unlike the previous time discrimination, the schedule will not change depending on the summer or winter clock.

To make the most of keeping your costs as low as possible, refer to the below schedule and use the majority of your consumption where possible, during the cheaper hours of the day:

The new 2.0TD tariff the changes in the Potencia/ Contracted Power (kW)

Another change that will be implemented for the new 2.0TD tariff is related to the potencia. Consumers will have two contracted potencia / contracted power (kW) amounts, a Peak and an Off-Peak.

Currently consumers have one potencia, once the changes take place, consumers can contract two different potencia/ power levels depending on their requirements, one for the Peak and another for the Off Peak . Either keeping the same amount or two different amounts for each period.

Deciding on the potencia level will be dependent on individual requirements, such as when you are more prone to make use of the most appliances at the same time, at any given time.

Ideally it would be best to have a higher required potencia during the Off-Peak period as the costs will be less. 

The new electricity tariffs for Potencia greater than 15 kW (>15kW) tariffs 3.0TD

Access tariffs with a potencia greater than 15kW will also undergo important changes. A total of six electricity prices will apply during the day, each one corresponding to a specific time period.

The schedule of each will depend on the month. The months of the year will be grouped into different seasons, specifically four: high, medium high, medium and low.

Each season will consist of different months depending on where you are located: the mainland, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Ceuta or Melilla.

Due to the complexity of the new changes, if you have a contracted potencia of 15kW and above (new 3.0TD) please get in touch with us and we will provide the full details.

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  1. We took out a contract with Iberdrola in August last year, tariff 2.0A, for Llano 5.50, for cheaper electricity – will this still be valid or now cancelled?

  2. Thank you but I already understood all that but I wrote to the energy company asking what was going to happen to those of us who have night storage heaters as they are timed on the old cheaper night electricity rates?
    Do we have to get an electrician in to change the switches?

  3. Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

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