October 16, 2020
Winter is approaching, hesitantly, but here it comes. And what is one of the winter nightmares of most households? The energy bill, with heating as the clear winner. In general, spending on heating accounts for 47% of the annual energy expenditure in a home. For this reason, we want to give you 5 tips to lower your energy bill by adjusting your heating.

Whether we are talking about electric or gas heating, checking the correct functioning of the different parts of the circuit is key. As we usually say, the cheapest energy is the one that is not used, but the second cheapest is the one that is not wasted.

  Set and maintain a reasonable temperature.
Maintaining a temperature between 18 and 23 degrees ensures, in general, a sufficient degree of comfort, so be careful with the thermostat.

  Check before turning on.
First things first, before turning on the heating it is very important that you check if the boiler connections are correct, noting both the one that connects to the electrical network and the gas conduit if applicable, as well as the water inlet and outlet intakes.

  Bleed the radiators.
The most common heating systems are those that emit heat through hot water radiators. To optimize their function and avoid making them work more than necessary, it is advisable to purge them once a year, that is, to eliminate the air accumulated in the circuit.

Check the boiler pressure.
In general, the proper boiler pressure should be between 1.2 and 1.5 bar maximum. Whether your boiler is analog or digital, it will have a pressure gauge where you will find this information. If it is not within the normal parameters, you can correct it using the filling key or call a professional to do it.

  Pay attention to the condensation tube.
On particularly cold days (in some regions of Spain), it is important to be aware of certain particularly sensitive parts of the installation, such as the condensation tube, which could freeze. If you hear dripping or similar sounds and you think they are not normal, this may be the problem.

  With this you already have the basics to start enjoying an efficient and properly heated winter. And remember, depending on what hours you use your heating, you may want to have a  rate with Time Discrimination that could may be more convenient for you.

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  1. What is the way to ask my gas engineer to flush all the radiators and pipework

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