October 16, 2020
The CUPS code is an alphanumeric reference that is essential for most procedures that have to do with your energy supply. We explain what it is exactly and how you can find it.

Where is the CUPS?
The CUPS code is on any energy bill, as it is one of the most important information in any electricity or gas supply, if not the most important. Normally, all electricity companies put it on the first page of the invoice and at the top, along with other supply data such as the contracted power or the access rate (the “technical” name of the electricity rate you have contracted according to your power or whether or not you have time discrimination).

What is CUPS and what is it for?
The CUPS in electricity corresponds to the acronym Universal Point of Supply Code. It is an unique code made up of letters and numbers that helps to identify your energy installation, something like “your ID”. There is also a CUPS in gas supplies, however it isa completely different code from the electricity one. You will always need your CUPS number to change companies or register your supply, or for other procedures such as changes in capacity or rates.

THE CUPS appears on your energy bill starting with the sequence ES (code that identifies that the supply is in Spain), followed by another 20 digits (which can be numbers or letters).

Now, if you still do not have invoices because you are processing a new registration, you have two ways to locate the CUPS: if there has been light in that supply before, this code will appear in the electrical bulletin, a document that you must present to request registration.

If, on the other hand, it is a new supply point where there has never been electricity, you must contact the electricity distributor in your area to request the CUPS, and once you have it you can choose the supplier you want to provide you and bill you the service. Here you will find the telephones of the main distributors:
Endesa Distribución: 902 509 600
Iberdrola Distribución: 902 20 15 20
Unión Fenosa Distribución: 900 111 999 / 900 111 444
Hidrocantábrico Distribución: 900 907 001
E.On Distribución: 900 118 866

If you need further assistance with a new installation or supply, please do not hesitate to contact us at energy@sicompare.com or 910 606 123.

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